-Family As Art -

an Intimate Workshop Experience with Sarah Christensen

for the family photographer looking for more

Saturday July 25th, 2020 - Moraga, California

I am thrilled to be offering this educational workshop experience for family photographers looking to surround themselves with fellow creatives, immerse themselves in learning and walk away with confidence and knowledge to bring back to their own businesses- plus lots of fun and a bunch of great photos!

This ½ day experience will start with an indoor motherhood styled session and finish with a sunset styled family session. You will have the opportunity to shoot side by side with me for both these sessions, hear my thought process in regards to lighting and gear choices as I work, learn hands on posing direction as well as discuss clothing and location selection and how they play a role in the overall cohesiveness of an image and gallery at large.  I will go over my session flow from start to finish and how I achieve true connection in my imagery as well as how I deliver a professional client experience from start to finish. I will talk about troubleshooting, navigating through difficult obstacles among families and also will discuss my editing and post production process. The motherhood session will take place inside a gorgeous studio setting and the outdoor sunset family session will take place among the East Bay hills on private property in a secluded setting. Photos below are taken in both locations so you have an idea of what to expect.

We will have a private Facebook group for ongoing questions and community following the retreat. You will be welcome to use the photos you take at the retreat for portfolio purposes and will receive a written list of vendors used to tag appropriately on social media platforms.

This is for a family photographer at any stage in their career. Whether you want to learn how I do things, make connections with likeminded creatives, hear my story and journey though this industry, or pad your portfolio with gorgeous imagery this can be for you! Must be able to shoot RAW files on DSLR in manual mode with a good understanding of how your camera works. While I do shoot some 35mm film from time to time, I will not be covering film information in order to keep the focus on the digital side of the industry.

Family As Art Retreat
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Saturday July 25th, 2020  

noon – sunset in moraga, California


Limited to 6 photographers

Includes all of the above plus swag bag, snacks and early boxed dinner