California Sunset + a Beautiful Mama to be - Moraga Maternity Photographer

This session was just simply gorgeous. I know Johanna because our kids are in school together and after having 2 adorable boys, she is gearing up to welcome a little girl this Fall. We held her session at Crown Beach in Alameda, which is a just a quick little ride through the tunnel. Any photographer knows that beach sessions can be hit or miss because the light is changing so radically and you really have to move fast. In fact, I timed how long we had the gorgeous sky you will see below right at sunset and it was just under 4 minutes. That being said, her family was totally up for playing in the water and dancing under the California sunset (for all 4 minutes of it!) When I shoot at the beach I sort of reverse my thinking, not typical but I actually expose my lens for the background and then work the subjects lighter in the post processing of the images. This technique allows me to preserve the gorgeous colors in the background and still keep the details of the subjects. Johanna, thank you for letting me capture this special time for you and your family! Here are a few highlights from out session!