5 Months + a Sunset is my Favorite - Oakland Family Photographer

Sweet little Eden - what an awesome 5 month old! We shot this session just around her bedtime and she powered through in the name of good light - my kind of girl! Summer and Fall are my favorite times to shoot families; the light is golden, the kids are happy, the parents are sun kissed and we get some rockin' sunsets this time of year if you wait it out long enough. I loved that Rachel and Simon were so in love with their daughter and each other that my job was easy. I often get questions like "how do get people to be natural" or "how do you take photos when we are just talking to each other". Well, after 4 years in business I kind of have developed a 'flow' to my sessions. I consider myself a lifestyle photographer but I do guide you and direct you (sometimes even scream from far away at you!) when you are working with me. I make sure you are in the right spot, I make sure the sun is perfectly placed, and I make sure to capture you and your children in an authentic way, thats why you hire a professional photographer, right? My style is ever evolving as I grow as an artist and I can not wait to continue to shoot more and more. My schedule is filling up for the rest of the year and I couldn't be more excited. it has been a big year so far. Enough of my rambling and enjoy the session from this past Sunday evening below :) Here are some of my favorites in a full gallery packed full of emotion - hard to choose (as always for me!)