43 Years Married! .....and my venture into wedding photography.

If you follow my blog or my instagram (@sarahchr88) you know that I was thinking about diving into the world of wedding photography earlier this year. Since I basically knew nothing about wedding photography I signed up to take a 4 week course with Bre Thurston who is one of the best wedding photographers ever and who happens to live right here in the Bay Area. The class was awesome and I learned so much. My week #2 assignment was to photograph a couple as if it were an engagement session. In my 4 years in business I had only photographed 1 couple ever and so I followed Bre's instruction and posted for a model call on my Facebook page. I had a few leads, but seriously getting a couple to volunteer for me to photograph them on a Monday evening was pretty difficult (did I mention I would have a 3 year old and 6 month old with me at the time?) Well, as always my parents saved the day and agreed to be my "engaged couple" for the session which we shot in the backyard of my childhood home. I know when I submitted this for critique I would be the only student with an "older" couple and I was right. Other people had ballroom dancers, college grads and some pretty awesome real engaged couples and so I knew this was a risk, but it all worked out and I got an excellent critique and Bre LOVED it! If you are still reading this and curious to watch my critique click here (I am the third one, so fast forward to the end!).  Will I be shooting weddings anytime soon? - well, inquire if you are interested, I'm still building my portfolio and always looking to second shoot or take on an elopement! Some day when I don't have 2 jobs and 2 babies maybe........Without further ado - My awesome parents, who always help me out when I need anything! 43 years married and going strong!