Family All Around! - Lafayette Extended Family Session

I take on a small number of extended family sessions every year and they are always so much fun! I love having lots of people, lots of love and lots of movement and motion! I had to pick and choose a handful out for the blog from this session because if I used them all it would take pages and pages - thats how fun this session was! Enjoy!

Motherhood Unplugged - Moraga Family Photographer

Nothing is more beautiful then a motherhood session! Im always up for a little sunset fun with no pressure other then to love on your babies and have me along for some photos! Here are some of my favorite from this session - this mom nailed the outfits! Probably helps that she is a fashion and lifestyle blogger but remember I am always here to help piece things together for your sessions and I work hard to be sure the overall look is cohesive with the setting we choose - enjoy!

Wildfires and Families - Moraga Family Photographer

I am always humbled by my clients who trust me with their family memories, especially when photographing other photographers who are super talented! Kayla and her family are absolutely stunning and I was honored to have them in front of my camera. California is up in flames right now and the majority of my outdoor photo sessions have been canceled because of the air quality. It was my pleasure to brave the conditions with this beautiful family and find the everlasting beauty of California. The light was hazy, everything turned all sorts of colors because of the smoke, but we got out there for this unique session and made memories. Enjoy!